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David Cram Says

Sawatdii Khrap Kwanjai!!
Thank you for the welcome and the hello.
Yes, I am enjoying the videos very much, and not only myself but the whole family sit down to watch them at the same time also! My wife always has a good laugh when watching and loves the way that you and Jules interact together. I have learnt so much so far and it is amazing to be able to cook food that tastes like what I have eaten before in Thailand or a Thai restaurant in Australia.
Keep up the good work!

Jason Says

"Hi Everyone, 47 years old, cooking is a real passion; trained as a chef 10 years ago and still learning ...never stop learning - this post is just to say that, I find this site, fantastic! Jules has a real passion for Thai food, and Khwanjai is a really good chef and anyone wanting to learn Thai food this is the the place!"  Jason (Silver Member)

Fritz Kraft Says

 Just want to take a moment to say you guys are awesome and give you some positive feedback. Jules, it's rare than someone with your class and good character (hey, just let me believe it!) has the guts to go live the dream and then be generous enough to share it with those of us stuck out here in the safe, secure and thoroughly BORING, bland and spirit sucking West.  Subscription to this site is the best deal I've seen since $1.10/gallon gasoline!
Khwanjai is a lovely, very funny lady with a wonderful skill.  Again, kudos to you both for having the cajones to leave the "comforts" of the UK for a real life doing what you love in Thailand.

Fritz Kraft (silver member)

Frank Wilson Says

" Your video tutorials are right on the money and just don't leave room for error. A total newbie to Thai cuisine when I joined, even I have managed to produce outstanding results much to the surprise of my guests one of whom, a Thai lady friend of my wifes, asked me for the recipe, WooHooo! 
Keep up the good work and if anyone reading this is thinking of joining? Don't hesitate! Khwanjai really knows her stuff. The one time I called for help, Jules answered and Khwanjai was right there on the phone too, we chatted while Jules fixed my access issue.
Your a great team, Keep it up!  Very Warmest Regards Backatcha"

Frank Wilson
(Silver Member)

Joshua Says

First I'd like to say I get a lot more from this website besides the really good recipes, its the first website that goes into what kind of things go well together and that kind of thing has given me a much better understanding and I've enjoyed Thai food more then ever.
Josh (Komokujin- Silver Member)

Tony Milligan Says

Hi Jules & Khwanjai

It’s nice to have this kind of interaction with you guys. Boy, am I glad I found your website. I’ve been a Silver member since you opened, when ever I’ve needed advice, you’ve been there instantly, I have cooked over 20 of your recipes now, the videos make all the difference, I feel like I know you guys, man that’s powerful, it’s like I don’t want to miss a single episode, the best part for me is the way you always show the key turning points real close up so I know what I’m aiming for, I’ve gotten a much better understanding of Thai cooking.
Oh yes this last one made me howl with laughter, Khwanjai’s face was a picture, I replayed the ending about 6 times. Gotta run, I’m off to make fowl romantic dinner for two!    Tony Milligan (silver member)

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Thai Cooking Classes
Enjoy Cooking?

Khwanjai's Fun Thai Cooking School

"With 110 Full Video Tutorials"

 A Tongue in Cheek Welcome From Jules & Khwanjai
Okay! The Almost Serious Version is Here With The FAQ's


Why Are We Giving Away Our "Thai Banquet" Cooking Course?

"We can easily charge $100 for it here in Thailand as a
one day Thai Cooking Class!"

     Chef Khwanjai teaches Thai Cooking for a living here in Thailand.  Her courses are fun as she laughs a lot, so do her students.  The underlying thinking of her teaching is “cooking by tongue” and not blindly following the recipes, however if you’re new to Thai cookery, a recipe is a must to get you on the right track.  Only with practice and familiarity with the ingredients will you begin to understand the finer points of cooking Thai food and it will seem in no time at all you’re off and running, astounding your guests with mouth watering Thai delights

About  Our Thai Cooking School?  

Special Fried Rice Recipe

    You'll start with Khwanjai’s Famous Thai Banquet Course!  You don't have to cook a banquet, you will be more than able to should you choose, as every recipe is a fantastic stand alone dish!

    There's much more to it than that, at Thai recipe Videos, we offer our exclusive Thai cookery classes video tutorials.  Members receive access to over 110 tutorials to choose from right away all with comprehensive detailed recipes and video tutorials.  The recipes are very detailed, step by step, easy to understand and follow and include many of chef Khwanjai's top tips, tricks and advice which are not...... 

Featured Resources

Featured Resources 

Cooking Classes

    With Khwanjai and Jules. Guidance with a real Thai chef.  Read More about our Cooking Classes

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    FREE Download, "Khwanjai's Kitchen Secrets"  ~ 30 voted most popular recipes by our members plus get updates and a Thai chefs top tips (public)

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What you didn't know about Thai food ingredients

    Visit our Thai food Wiki and discover more about Thai food ingredients (public)

Need Help and Advice?

    Visit our Thai Food Forum and ask away or just use our instant messenger or instant voice chat and ask Khwanjai herself (or even the old man - Jules) (Silver members)

Just want to know more about a particular recipe?

    Visit our own video-blog where we discuss and eat the food made in the recipe videos, plus we give away top tips in every episode of Thaifood-TV (Public)

Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Thai Cuisine?

    The 7 most common mistakes people innocently make with Thai cooking are... Read more (Free Members) 
Featured Items

Featured Items

Are you ready to cook Thai food?

    Key tips on preparation for cooking a Thai meal.  Read more (Free members)

What are the essential kitchen items to cook Thai food well?

    Here we list the basic ingredients and equipment used in Thai cooking, the very least you will need and where to get them.  Read more  (Free members)

About Cinnamon?

    You may already know that cinnamon is good for you, but did you know there is a mythological creature called the Cinnamon Bird? Or so I heard!!  Read More About Cinnamon (Public)

What you didn't know about Thai Noodle Recipes

    Learn more about Thai Noodle Recipes, there's a lot more to noodles than you might think (public)

What you need to know about Vegetables in Thai cooking?

    Do you know the difference between an old and a young Ginger or even Galangal for that matter.  (coming soon)

The Truth about Satay Sauce?

    The very best way to make Satay sauce is by NOT using peanut butter!  Read more (Public)

How do you cook with Chillies and PLEASE everyone

     How to cook a spicy meal and a mild meal in the same pan at the same time?  (Coming soon)
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